Thread Bioscience improves patient care, promotes antibiotic stewardship and reduces healthcare cost. The five criteria required to deliver these goals are:

  • Accurate results
  • Performed at Point Of Care
  • Rapid result time
  • Cost effective
  • Identify lag vs log phase growth

Thread’s innovative approach to differentiating log phase vs lag phase microbial growth in determining bacterial presence provides greater accuracy and faster results.

Thread’s CultureStat®  provides a rapid test performed in-situ using a broth culture media test for the presence of bacteriuria. Health care practitioners  arrive at an accurate diagnosis in less time. CultureStat provides on site bacteriuria testing capabilities in the doctor’s office, emergency room, hospital lab, assisted living or any location where fast, accurate  testing for the presence of log phase bacteriuria is required.

Unlike traditional testing methods CultureStat’s ability to distinguish between lag and log phases provides needed insight for a health care practitioner to accurately diagnosis a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) by distinguishing between non-infectious bacterial presence and indication of log phase bacteria responsible for bacteriuria. This is especially important in non-symptomatic  geriatric, compromised immunity and other at-risk patients.

The inability of other testing methods to distinguish lag phase and log phase states prohibits them from providing the information required to determine the risk of an infectious state resulting from the presence of log phase bacteria.  CultureStat provides the necessary data so a health care practitioner can make timely, accurate diagnoses not possible with other methods of bacteriuria testing.

In addition to providing better diagnosis by rapidly identifying the state of bacterial presence CultureStat is a valuable front line tool in the global battle against antimicrobial resistant “super bugs”.  Providing rapid,  accurate results to Providers promotes antimicrobial stewardship. Antimicrobial resistance is a major health issue facing the global population.

The impact of antimicrobial stewardship is both individual and societal on a global scale. Patients suffering from UTI’s that may be misdiagnosed by less accurate or more timely methods suffer the individual consequences of improperly prescribed antibiotics.  Society suffers from the impact of the antimicrobial resistance cycle that is exacerbated by improper prescribing of antibiotics due to inferior testing methods.