About Us


Thread’s advanced technology addresses the challenges of healthcare delivery in the twenty first century. Thread has integrated technology from several scientific disciplines to develop devices that solve problems and promote efficient healthcare delivery.  CultureStat improves testing for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI’s) and SentiLiter, is a comprehensive intelligent fluid monitoring and measuring system that utilizes a mobile app.

Thread’s CultureStat technology integrates biological science and computer science in taking a different approach to in-situ testing using a culture technique. SentiLiter helps physicians and nurses perform more efficiently by using a mobile app to send the data to them.

CultureStat is a diagnostic device and SentiLiter is a monitoring system.  What these technologies share is a value proposition promoting  improved performance, better accuracy and expanded access.

Our corporate mission is assisting the global effort to address serious health concerns threatening today’s global population. The rise of antimicrobial resistant bacteria is recognized by domestic and international health monitoring organizations as one of the greatest global public health concerns currently being faced. The current nursing and physician shortage needs advances in technology to reduce stress in the healthcare delivery system.

Thread’s CultureStat rapid test for bacteriuria differentiates between lag vs log phase bacterial growth. This ability to differentiate lag vs log phase sets CultureStat’s technology apart from current bacterial testing methods. SentiLiter brings the data and custom notifications to the healthcare professional instead of the healthcare professional having to go to the bedside.

CultureStat rapid bacteriuria test gives Providers an accurate diagnosis in less time while promoting antimicrobial stewardship and reducing healthcare cost. SentiLiter keeps an accurate record of a patient’s fluid intake and output, immediately notifies via an app if a parameter set by the doctor or nurse needs attention and provides remote monitoring of all of the patient’s fluid information no matter where the healthcare professional is.

At Thread Bioscience we share the same passion for invention and discovery as Antony van Leeuwenhoek, considered by many to be the founding father of microbiology.  Are  you curious about why we named the company Thread Bioscience? Read about Antony van Leeuwenhoek, and find out.