At Thread we not only bring innovation to devices in our product line, We also bring innovation to our manufacturing equipment.

Ampoule Machine

Thread continually improves it’s proprietary ampoule manufacturing equipment. Thread’s automated ampoule machine is capable of producing reliable ampoules at scale because of advanced automation and data collected from digital sensors during the manufacturing process. As a result of the data collected during manufacturing every ampoule is evaluated to ensure it is within guidelines immediately following manufacturing and prior to being shipped.

Automated Tubing/Heat Shrink Tube Cutter

Thread designs and builds prototype devices to increase precision and accuracy in Quality Management Systems and Statistical Product Control during manufacturing. The device cuts tubing for our ampoules and heat shrink tubing used for internal wiring in our products. This device will automatically cut the required number of pieces in precisely the required measurement.

Automated Wire Stripper/Cutter

Thread’s design team developed a specialized wire stripper/cutter machine. This machine cuts and strips wire in precisely the required measurement and will run automatically until it has produced the correct number of pieces.

Automated Liquid Filler/Dryer

Thread’s design team developed a device to automatically fill our CultureStat ampoules with the required proprietary solutions. Additionally, this device dries the ampoule. The ampoules are then vacuum sealed and packaged immediately after sealing.