Here at Thread we are not only working with our product line, but are continually designing innovative devices to enhance our efficiency. Read about a few examples of this innovation below.

Ampoule Machine

We are currently designing a fully automated ampoule machine that can run without any human intervention. This machine is designed to make 1 million ampoules a year in its current state, but that number will increase as more improvements are made. Learn more about the previous iterations and future of the machine here.

Automated Tubing/Heat Shrink Tube Cutter

Thread designs and builds prototype devices to increase precision and accuracy in Quality Management Systems and Statistical Product Control during manufacturing. The device to the left cuts tubing for our ampoules and heat shrink tubing used for internal wiring in our products. This device will automatically cut the required number of pieces in exact millimeter measurements. To see the device in action click here.

Automated Wire Stripper/Cutter

We have designed a prototype wire stripper/cutter machine. This machine cuts and strips wire to the exact millimeter measurements you input and will run automatically until it has produced the desired number of wires you input. To see the device in action click here.

Automated Liquid Filler/Dryer

We are in the process of designing a device that will automatically fill our ampoules with the chemical solution they require, as well as dry them so that they can be vacuum sealed and packaged immediately after filling.