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CultureStat is a rapid test to accurately determine the absence or presence of bacteriuria and differentiate between lag phase and log phase growth stage.

CultureStat provides insight to the infectious state of bacteriuria
CultureStat can distinguish between infectious (log) and non-infectious (lag) state microbial growth

CultureStat samples are examined in-situ, preventing genetic mutation from sample’s source state

CultureStat does not promote environmental microbial adaptation (from wet state to a dry environment as in agar plates)

CultureStat sample size is 7,000 times greater than other culture techniques

CultureStat is a culture methodology utilizing broth media

CultureStat results are accurate
CultureStat results are objectively achieved utilizing spectrophotometric and algorithmic analysis

CultureStat is a multi-layered test incorporating several input sources to compile data

CultureStat testing environment is controlled

CultureStat results are digitally recorded

CultureStat is completely automated, eliminating human error and subjectivity

CultureStat is faster
CultureStat results are available in less than 2 hours

CultureStat requires less than a minute of operator time per test

CultureStat allows accurate timely negative results preventing unneeded antibiotic prescriptions

CultureStat significantly reduces false positives and provides faster positive result times

CultureStat promotes Antimicrobial Stewardship

CultureStat low incidence of false negative and false positive results support use as an accurate negative screen

CultureStat provides rapid test results preventing incorrectly prescribed antimicrobial drugs

CultureStat allows a Provider to more accurately prescribe for actual infections

CultureStat can be used in conjunction with Antimicrobial Sensitivity Testing (AST) to target specific bacterium

CultureStat reduces cost 
CultureStat does not require addtional software to purchase or install

CultureStat ampoules are the only disposable component

CultureStat test ampoules have a shelf life of five years

CultureStat ampoules do not require refrigeration for storage

CultureStat use as a negative screen device reduces healthcare testing cost

CultureStat promotes efficient testing by identifying negatives and reducing false positives

CultureStat reduces the total cost of antimicrobial prescriptions

CultureStat is used by Providers to accurately diagnose infection reducing untreated infection cost